We help our clients create flowing, fulfilling, & fun intimate relationships.


Sometimes our relationships can hit rough waters and when the storms of life involve sex, they can be really hard to navigate, which leaves many of us feeling lost at sea, like a ship without a sail. 

BUT, What if you could talk about it?

  • What if you could get more information about what’s going on?
  • What if you could get new information, tips, and skills to make your life better?
  • What if you could make some shifts that would make your relationship easier?

Here are some of the benefits in working with us…

  • Identification , evaluation, and resolution of sexual issues
  • Greater communication regarding sexual intimacy
  • Increased sexual intimacy and activity
  • Increased sense of closeness
  • Better understanding of your partners needs

If you want greater intimacy, sexual fun, and a closer relationship,

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Sexual Anxiety or dysfunction

For some individuals sexual relationships are hard and complicated. This may be due to a bad experience, or sexual pain, or high anxiety. 

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Low-to-No Sex Couples

Unfortunately, great love and great sex is not an automatic occurrence. After a couple has been together for a while the sexual relationship can get harder and harder. 

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Sexual Alternatives

Whether you are a cross-dresser, you like to sleep with the trees, or you simply identify as a sexual minority, you have a safe space here.  

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