Whether it is sexual anxiety or sexual dysfunction, sex problems can be debilitating to your relationship. Don't struggle alone. We've helped many clients resolve their sexual problems and fears, regain their confidence, establish new relationships, and even get married.  Call us today to get started living the life you want to lead.

Sexual Anxiety and/or dysfunction

When the sex is not happening in a relationship you can feel hopeless and helpless, but once you have your 1st session with us, you will feel hopeful again. In our 1st session you'll tell us about the problem, in the 2nd and 3rd session we'll complete a thorough sexual history to get a good understanding your story, in the 4th session we'll develop a plan to obtain your desired goal.

Low-to-No Sex Couples

We believe in supporting sexual minorities and sexual alternative lifestyles. No matter what problem you choose to bring into our counseling room, we'll be accepting, non-judgemental, and helpful. In our first session we discuss your needs and work towards developing a plan to get you living your best life and attaining your goals. Call us at 1.888.788.4624 to set up your Intake appointment.

Sexual Alternative lifestyles

Call us at 1.888.788.4624 to set up your Intake appointment.